Half-body (VR) avatars
Half-body avatars are perfect for virtual reality (VR) applications. The models feature head connected to a torso and hands with a matching skin color.
Want to test out half-body (VR) avatars? Try it at https://vr.readyplayer.me


Both full & half-body avatars are provided in a single binary .GLB asset. The contents of the GLB include everything that's needed to render the avatar – meshes, textures, blend shapes, skeletal rig, PBR materials.


Every avatar comes with PBR materials included. The list of material a half-body avatar can have, assigned to the corresponding mesh objects:
  • Wolf3D_Shirt
  • Wolf3D_Hair
  • Wolf3D_Beard
  • Wolf3D_Glasses
  • Wolf3D_Headwear
  • Wolf3D_Teeth
  • Wolf3D_Skin
  • Wolf3D_Eye
Example PBR shader of a shirt asset.


Half-body avatars consist of multiple meshes. The list of meshes a half-body avatar can have:
  • EyeLeft
  • EyeRight
  • Wolf3D_Glasses
  • Wolf3D_Hair
  • Wolf3D_Hands
  • Wolf3D_Head
  • Wolf3D_Shirt
  • Wolf3D_Beard
  • Wolf3D_Headwear
  • Wolf3D_Teeth


Skeleton structure

Half-body (VR) avatar skeleton structure can be seen below. Skeleton root name – AvatarRoot

Eye rotation

Eye rotation can currently be controlled via LeftEye and RightEye bones.
Eye rotation controlled via RightEye and LeftEye bones.


By default, VR avatars include hands. This can be configured if you become a partner.


You can always create your VR avatar via https://vr.readyplayer.me, but here's an example asset exported from Ready Player Me.
Example half-body (VR) avatar exported from Ready Player Me