2D Avatar Render
Load a 2D render of your avatar using the Ready Player Me Render API.
You can load a 2D render of your avatar using the Avatar Render Loader class which obtains a rendered image of your avatar via the Render API.
  1. 1.
    Create an instance of AvatarRenderLoader. AvatarRenderLoader avatarRenderLoader = new AvatarRenderLoader();
  2. 2.
    From the instance, call the LoadRender() method, passing the required arguments. avatarRenderLoader.LoadRender(url, scene, blendShapeMesh, blendShapes);
URL of the avatar you wish to render. This is the same URL used to load the avatar model.
Type of scene to render. See Render API documentation.
blendShapeMesh (optional)
Target blend shape mesh name. Required if you wish to apply custom blend shape weights to the render.
blendShapes (optional)
Dictionary<string, float>
Blend shape name and weight to apply to the avatar render.
You can find an example usage of this code in the Assets\Plugins\Ready Player Me\Examples\AvatarRender Example\AvatarRenderExample scene and script.
More details can be found in Load an avatar render example.
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