Avatar Creator for VR and PC
Users can create Ready Player Me avatars seamlessly in a Vuplex WebView displayed within a Unity application.


  • Ready Player Me SDK. You need the Unity SDK imported to your Unity project to retrieve avatars. See the links below for download and setup instructions.

Ready Player Me Vuplex Example Project

You can find our Vuplex example project here on GitHub. This repository contains a Unity project that uses the paid Vuplex Web Browser plugin to run the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator and load the Ready Player Me Avatar into the application at runtime. This can be used as a reference for anybody wanting to add Ready Player Me Avatars and embed the Ready Player Me avatar creator directly into their Unity application.
Follow the steps in the Readme to learn how it works and how to set it up.

Known Issues

  • With the older versions of Vuplex, you might experience issues with scrolling in the website. Make sure you are using version 4.1 or later.
  • Although the non-Gecko Engine based version of Vuplex Android WebView has a smaller package size, you might experience intermittent 3D canvas freezing on the Ready Player Me website within Quest 2 builds. We recommend using the Gecko Engine based version for a more reliable experience.
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