Terms of Use

How Ready Player Me handles user data.

Non-commercial use under Creative Commons 4.0

Any avatar created using the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator is available under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, allowing you non-commercial use. Build demos, enhance your class work, or experiment just for fun.

Commercial use as a registered partner

If you want to integrate Ready Player Me avatars into a commercial app or game, you must register as a partner, and then you can use Ready Player Me avatars for free in your product.
To use the SDK in commercial projects, apply to become a partner.

How much does it cost?

Ready Player Me is available and free to all developers for non-commercial use.
Ready Player Me is available and free to registered partners for commercial use.

Can I mint Ready Player Me avatars as NFTs?

You are not allowed to mint any Ready Player Me avatars as NFTs, even if you are a registered Partner.

Photos and Privacy

Ready Player Me collects photos solely to create avatars and improve avatar generation quality with users' prior consent. Privacy Policy