Render API

Configuration parameters for 2D Avatar renderings.
Render API is fully CORS-enabled.
For use in environments with high traffic, please contact [email protected].

Request Summary

POST: Content-type: JSON Request format:
  • model : (string, required) – Avatar 3D model .glb URL.
  • scene : (string, required) – Name of portrait type to render.
  • armature: (object, optional) – Pose of an avatar. Default is T-pose.
  • blendShapes : (object, optional) – Map of 3D meshes to their blend shapes.

Response Format

  • renders : (array) – List of output renders URLs (at least one).



model (required)

Avatar 3D model URL. This is the same URL used to retreive the 3D avatar models.
Type: String
Values: Any valid Ready Player Me 3D avatar URL.


model: ""

scene (required)

Type of portrait to render. Portraits can be created from half-body or full-body avatars, and can include posture and transparency.
Type: String
Values: fullbody-portrait-v1- Creates a portrait from a full-body avatar. fullbody-portrait-v1-transparent- ... with transparent background
halfbody-portrait-v1 - Creates a portrait from a half-body avatar. halfbody-portrait-v1-transparent- ... with transparent background.
fullbody-posture-v1-transparent – Creates a portrait with a pose from a full-body avatar.
Using halfbodyon full-body avatars and fullbodyon half-body avatars will have unpredictable (and perhaps amusing) results.


scene: "fullbody-portrait-v1"

armature (optional)

Pose of the 2D avatar.
Type: Object
Default: T-pose
Values: ArmatureTargetMale ArmatureTargetFemale


armature: "ArmatureTargetMale"

blendShapes (optional)

Map of 3D meshes to their blend shapes. The blend shapes need to exist on the designated meshes to be applied.
Type: Object
Default: Empty
Values: "Wolf3D_Avatar": {"mouthSmile": 0.2 } – for atlased avatars. "Wolf3D_Head": {"browInnerUp": 0.2 } – for non-atlased avatars.


"blendShapes": {"Wolf3D_Avatar": {"mouthSmile": 0.2 }}

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